Best Video Editors 2017

08/10/2017 20:36

Windows 10 users can always find and experience many video editors over the Internet. However, it is very difficult to select the most suitable video editing software for Windows 10. That is why we wrote this article. To help you make a final decision, we list the top 5 Windows video editing programs that have been tested and tested to be effective for editing video with Windows 10.


#1. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is a new video editing tool fully compatible with Windows 10. It supports all kinds of videos, audio files and photos and with recording of the computer screen. It provides all the editing tools that users need to do a basic editing: crop, merge, split, cut, special effects: face off, mosaic, green screen, picture-in-picture, filters, overlays and all kinds of titles, Transitions and motion effects.

Why choose Filmora Video Editor:

Simple interface with all the editing tools displayed in the main window, users can view and use the tools with ease;It supports almost all known video formats, audio files and images. There are no incompatibility problems;Exclusive filters, overlays, motion graphics, titles, intro / credits. More effects are added on a regular basis;Export videos in multiple formats or directly optimize videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.Separate version for Windows PC and Mac, and is compatible with the most recent operating system


·         Easy to learn and easy to use.

·         It offers all the editing functions a beginner needs.

·         The price is lower than that of professional software, but it allows you to create professional-looking videos.


·         Sometimes it may not be as stable if you import multiple videos to edit.

·         It does not have as many functions as professional software.

#2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is an open source software program so it is ideal for use in Windows 10. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use and will help you perform editing tasks like adding files, deleting files, trimming edges, Video and rotate videos. It is an all-in-one program capable of converting videos, apart from editing them. These are the main functions that you will enjoy if you choose to edit your videos with VirtualDub.


·         This program offers the option of video capture so you do not have to import your files during editing.

·         You can expand files using third-party video filters.

·         It supports batch processing, which means it is possible to work multiple video files at the same time.


·         Despite its intuitive interface, it can sometimes frustrate as it tends to deliver poor results.

·         Beginners will have difficulty understanding how it works.

#3. Pinnacle VideoSpin

The design of this program points to an intuitive software that you can trust to edit your videos in a professional way. It offers simplicity for those who are starting with video editing and also for experienced. Some outstanding features of Pinnacle VideoSpin are to make photo presentations, delete unnecessary scenes from a video, 2D transitions, video effects and add audio or text overlays. You should not hesitate to choose Pinnacle VideoSpin as your favorite video editing program every time you have to meet these needs.


·         This program supports many file formats, which indicates its high compatibility rate.

·         The timeline makes editing easy, so you will not experience any difficulty.


·         You will need to register before installing this program on your computer.

·         You may have to buy Advanced Codec Packs in advance at a cost of $ 10 as it will have restrictions on certain formats.

·         The fact that the program has not been updated since 2009 puts its suitability in doubt.

#4. Sony Vegas Movie Studio

This program has full support for Windows and is very worth considering when editing videos. It is the best option if you want to get awesome videos with a minimum of effort and resources. If you are passionate about editing videos, then Sony Vegas Movie Studio should be your choice and it will sell for $ 49.95. If you want to test your features before, a free trial version is available. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is an all-in-one solution for editing videos with its unique features including simple interface, video stabilization, text and effects in real time.



·         It has support for unlimited input and output formats. You can enjoy guaranteed

·         compatibility regardless of the format of your videos.


Many people can not afford it due to its high price, while the trial version has limited functionality.

#5. Windows Movie Maker

You'll be lucky to get a free version of Windows Movie Maker. No cost incurred, you may not be able to enjoy some of the basic features that you are looking for. But, that should not be discouraging because Windows Movie Maker has features to make you feel comfortable including basic editing tools to slow down and accelerate video, split, crop as well as add effects and transitions.


·         You'll have unlimited options for editing your videos.

·         Timeline makes editing easy.

·         Increasing output options will improve compatibility.


·         There is no video clipping option and is selectively available as part of the Windows operating system.

Home Spa mal anders: A Swedish massage with Annika von massagio.

12/05/2016 10:40

Before it is here today, I have to go a little bit further, because the previous history of my date with Annika von massagio is anything but compact. When massagio came into contact with me for the first time about 1.5 years ago, I blocked. It is specifically a company that offers mobile massages in now 19 cities. You can book a massage therapist with 2 hour advance between 8 and 22 o'clock, which will then come to your home and massages you. 

Massagio was at that time "having the best treatment for the city". However, one could not even see these handlers anywhere on the website. Since I was even in Berlin spas for 10 years (and the industry is rather small), I made a Facebook Shoutout and wanted to know whether anybody from my network for massagio is active. That was not the case and because I tend to think it was rather unlikely that I do not know any of the "best handlers in the city", I blocked in the spring of 2015 for the first time. (That "Axel Springer" in the imprint, did not improve my stomach feeling necessarily synonymous.) 

Massagio then came to me 2 more times to me and last time we agreed that I would be open to a potential blog post only if the whole fun is more transparent and the practitioners are publicly visible. A few weeks ago, I received another call. There would be practitioners who do not want to be listed online, but some of them can be seen on the website. They are also offering massage on massage chairs and if you want a chair too for your office or home then visit this website.

I know that some blogs have already reported about massagio. But as you might think, I go as a spa nerd with a weakness for I LOVE SPA stars and as a champion of quality assurance less openly to the matter, because what I think in this city (ie Berlin) least need, Is still a company that relies on mass and lures with overstated promises. Since I publish this post today, you can already imagine that massagio has convinced me last but not least. Nevertheless, I would also like to make no secret about the fact that I have never approached a spa check more critically. As far as the practitioners are concerned, who want to massage people at home, but at the same time remain anonymous and do not want to be listed online, I am honestly missing the understanding. Sure, massagio can do nothing, but I simply appeal to the healthy human understanding of those practitioners.

Especially with mobile massages the end user does not function without considerable confidence and the feeling of belly in the booking is in my opinion not to be underestimated. Anonymity is the thing in this case certainly not particularly useful. I mean, clearly - with a booking in the spa you usually have no insight into the selection of the practitioners, but my home is for me personally again quite a number as a public treatment room. I would like to know before whom I will undress in my living room. So I take a look into the overview and my stomach decides spontaneously for Annika. Normally, I do not make a "female only" approach. Outside of my dwelling, the sex of those who treat me is roughly the same. However, for me in this very concrete case it feels more inclined to order a strange man home. 

I find it quite well, however, that every practitioner is explicitly indicated with the training / professional title. Annika, for example, is a naturopath. This transparency, the qualification of the staff, is completely absent in normal spas, and if guests know how often they pay a lot of money for a practitioner who has only taken a week-long course before eternity, the outcry would probably be rather large. The booking procedure itself is easy to understand and goes on. However, you can only choose whether it should be a male or a female practitioner. 

So I write in the field for additional notes that I would like to be massaged by Annika and get synonymous zackig a confirmation by email that klargeht. Last Tuesday at 6pm it was time. Usually I am not excited before spa checks, but this time everything is different. My apartment is especially tidy and I am particularly fidgety. At 17:50 it rings. Annika is here. She jumps up with her massage lobe in the elevator, I greet her and am infinitely relieved that my stomach feeling during the booking process has not led me behind the light. Sympathetic vibes in the entrance of my apartment. Phew.

Stream Movies on Android, iOS and Windows PCs with Showbox

02/18/2016 18:05

Smartphone users who have no matter iOS or Android devices can now download and install Showbox app and stream movies, and even their favorite TV shows online for free. Not only smart device users, but Windows PC users can now also install this Showbox APK from the internet and install it Bluestacks android emulator to run the app.

Showbox got immense popularity as soon as it was released from the Android play store and iOS app store. But, because of the content, it had copyright claims from its original makers, the app got removed from all app stores. Anyhow, seeing the popularity of the app, many people explored the way to install it as an unknown sources app in their Android by downloading its APK from the internet. Also, iOS users installed it on jailbroken devices with the help of unofficial app stores. The APK of Showbox is readily available to download from various websites on the web for any users. And after downloading it, its installation is also very easy.


Android users can just download the Showbox APK and store it in their Smartphone and then can install it by allowing the app installation form unknown sources from device security settings. On the other hand, iOS users can use Showbox that iOS called Moviebox for iOS by first installing vShare. Afterward, only search for Moviebox from vShare and install it and start streaming movies and TV shows of your choice – whenever you like.


As far as Windows desktop PC’s and Laptop users are concerned, they can also download and install Showbox to watch movies and TV shows as per their consent. The windows operated computer users will have first to download and install a popular Android app emulator for Windows called Bluestacks. Then, just search and download Showbox APK to your Windows PC and double click on it. The Showbox app will instantly get installed in the Bluestacks look for it at the platform and keep on enjoying unlimited free online movie streaming.


So, now any Android, iOS or Windows PC users wanting to watch their favorite new or even old Hollywood movies and TV seasons online – download and install Showbox. This easy to use app Showbox will be your one stop solution for streaming movies and TV shows in the high quality. Also, the app is frequently is being updated with new movies and TV shows for its users. So, Showbox is the only app that could fulfill you crave for streaming movies online - and watch at any point of time with internet connectivity.

How To Add or Edit WhatsApp Custom Emoticons?

09/26/2015 10:37

Emoticons are the true representations of emotions that can be used anytime you wanted to express your feelings. Whatsapp is the famous app that used for instant messaging. Many developers are earning dollars to write and use this app. Now the traditional way to send messages has shut off new ways are introducing easily. People love to talk about their daily life but not in front of everyone. They need to do that hidden ways. You just need the internet and sometime laptop to use these apps and it is very fast to have conversation with many people at once. People can share any photos and videos to show them to relatives.

Emotions are used in these chat boxes to express the feelings of angry moods and love moods. There are number of emotions are available to send it to your loved ones. You can add the emotions by right clicking on the emotions tabs besides the send button on whatsapp. You can also edit the already saved icons and change according to your wish. Now you are seeking how to do that? Just follow some simple ways and here you go! There are also many chat sites available but ours one is best than all you must try it for once! Please follow all the steps below and know the hidden tricks for free!


·         You must have the android phones and system that install windows

·         You must download image magick software to edit the emotions for free

·         Please do that and extract the backup of the phone easily

·         First of all make the backup of your whatsapp photos and all other platforms

·         Now you have to connect your phone to computer

·         There are many emoticons are placed with the extension of .png

·         Now you have to paste yours customized emotions which you have created

·         You must use photoshop to edit and make new emotions and loads into the whatsapp

·         Now you have to save the image as save as and locate on the browser easily

·         Now you have to paste the file into the whatsapp folder and make backup of it before and after the process

·         It will be very pleasure to do that and share your own made icons with anyone and feel proud

·         When the backup is completed and open CMD and open the java file

·         Now you have to replace and whatsapp version edited with your new version

·         Now you can tell your friends that this emotions is your creations for free


Whatsapp statuses

You can also get the messages which are pure and relevant to friends. You can get free whatsapp status without any interruptions. Now people can love each other and share all your worries with them. These statuses are the true expressions of your feelings which you cannot tell to anyone else. You will love to know that people are seeking new icons from you and it will be the best feeling ever.


Best Video Editors 2017

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Windows 10 users can always find and experience many video editors over the Internet. However, it...

Home Spa mal anders: A Swedish massage with Annika von massagio.

12/05/2016 10:40
Before it is here today, I have to go a little bit further, because the previous history of my date...

Stream Movies on Android, iOS and Windows PCs with Showbox

02/18/2016 18:05
Smartphone users who have no matter iOS or Android devices can now download and install Showbox app...

How To Add or Edit WhatsApp Custom Emoticons?

09/26/2015 10:37
Emoticons are the true representations of emotions that can be used anytime you wanted to express...