Home Spa mal anders: A Swedish massage with Annika von massagio.

12/05/2016 10:40

Before it is here today, I have to go a little bit further, because the previous history of my date with Annika von massagio is anything but compact. When massagio came into contact with me for the first time about 1.5 years ago, I blocked. It is specifically a company that offers mobile massages in now 19 cities. You can book a massage therapist with 2 hour advance between 8 and 22 o'clock, which will then come to your home and massages you. 

Massagio was at that time "having the best treatment for the city". However, one could not even see these handlers anywhere on the website. Since I was even in Berlin spas for 10 years (and the industry is rather small), I made a Facebook Shoutout and wanted to know whether anybody from my network for massagio is active. That was not the case and because I tend to think it was rather unlikely that I do not know any of the "best handlers in the city", I blocked in the spring of 2015 for the first time. (That "Axel Springer" in the imprint, did not improve my stomach feeling necessarily synonymous.) 

Massagio then came to me 2 more times to me and last time we agreed that I would be open to a potential blog post only if the whole fun is more transparent and the practitioners are publicly visible. A few weeks ago, I received another call. There would be practitioners who do not want to be listed online, but some of them can be seen on the website. They are also offering massage on massage chairs and if you want a chair too for your office or home then visit this website.

I know that some blogs have already reported about massagio. But as you might think, I go as a spa nerd with a weakness for I LOVE SPA stars and as a champion of quality assurance less openly to the matter, because what I think in this city (ie Berlin) least need, Is still a company that relies on mass and lures with overstated promises. Since I publish this post today, you can already imagine that massagio has convinced me last but not least. Nevertheless, I would also like to make no secret about the fact that I have never approached a spa check more critically. As far as the practitioners are concerned, who want to massage people at home, but at the same time remain anonymous and do not want to be listed online, I am honestly missing the understanding. Sure, massagio can do nothing, but I simply appeal to the healthy human understanding of those practitioners.

Especially with mobile massages the end user does not function without considerable confidence and the feeling of belly in the booking is in my opinion not to be underestimated. Anonymity is the thing in this case certainly not particularly useful. I mean, clearly - with a booking in the spa you usually have no insight into the selection of the practitioners, but my home is for me personally again quite a number as a public treatment room. I would like to know before whom I will undress in my living room. So I take a look into the overview and my stomach decides spontaneously for Annika. Normally, I do not make a "female only" approach. Outside of my dwelling, the sex of those who treat me is roughly the same. However, for me in this very concrete case it feels more inclined to order a strange man home. 

I find it quite well, however, that every practitioner is explicitly indicated with the training / professional title. Annika, for example, is a naturopath. This transparency, the qualification of the staff, is completely absent in normal spas, and if guests know how often they pay a lot of money for a practitioner who has only taken a week-long course before eternity, the outcry would probably be rather large. The booking procedure itself is easy to understand and goes on. However, you can only choose whether it should be a male or a female practitioner. 

So I write in the field for additional notes that I would like to be massaged by Annika and get synonymous zackig a confirmation by email that klargeht. Last Tuesday at 6pm it was time. Usually I am not excited before spa checks, but this time everything is different. My apartment is especially tidy and I am particularly fidgety. At 17:50 it rings. Annika is here. She jumps up with her massage lobe in the elevator, I greet her and am infinitely relieved that my stomach feeling during the booking process has not led me behind the light. Sympathetic vibes in the entrance of my apartment. Phew.