How To Add or Edit WhatsApp Custom Emoticons?

09/26/2015 10:37

Emoticons are the true representations of emotions that can be used anytime you wanted to express your feelings. Whatsapp is the famous app that used for instant messaging. Many developers are earning dollars to write and use this app. Now the traditional way to send messages has shut off new ways are introducing easily. People love to talk about their daily life but not in front of everyone. They need to do that hidden ways. You just need the internet and sometime laptop to use these apps and it is very fast to have conversation with many people at once. People can share any photos and videos to show them to relatives.

Emotions are used in these chat boxes to express the feelings of angry moods and love moods. There are number of emotions are available to send it to your loved ones. You can add the emotions by right clicking on the emotions tabs besides the send button on whatsapp. You can also edit the already saved icons and change according to your wish. Now you are seeking how to do that? Just follow some simple ways and here you go! There are also many chat sites available but ours one is best than all you must try it for once! Please follow all the steps below and know the hidden tricks for free!


·         You must have the android phones and system that install windows

·         You must download image magick software to edit the emotions for free

·         Please do that and extract the backup of the phone easily

·         First of all make the backup of your whatsapp photos and all other platforms

·         Now you have to connect your phone to computer

·         There are many emoticons are placed with the extension of .png

·         Now you have to paste yours customized emotions which you have created

·         You must use photoshop to edit and make new emotions and loads into the whatsapp

·         Now you have to save the image as save as and locate on the browser easily

·         Now you have to paste the file into the whatsapp folder and make backup of it before and after the process

·         It will be very pleasure to do that and share your own made icons with anyone and feel proud

·         When the backup is completed and open CMD and open the java file

·         Now you have to replace and whatsapp version edited with your new version

·         Now you can tell your friends that this emotions is your creations for free


Whatsapp statuses

You can also get the messages which are pure and relevant to friends. You can get free whatsapp status without any interruptions. Now people can love each other and share all your worries with them. These statuses are the true expressions of your feelings which you cannot tell to anyone else. You will love to know that people are seeking new icons from you and it will be the best feeling ever.